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We guarantee our prices to be the best in the industry!

Present any valid price bid and ABT will beat it! We stock and sell all of the following instruments plus their accessories.

Electro-Acuscope 85P (Portable)
Electro-Acuscope 80L
Neuroscope 230B
Electro-Myopulse 75L
Electro-Myopulse 75F (Fibrosis)
LaFleur Healthy-Aging System

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ABT in the news

Advanced Biomedical Technologies supported the only peer-reviewed, published study that proved that the Electro-Acuscope / Electro-Myopulse System can reverse radiation induced fibroses and stimulate glandular repair.

Advanced Biomedical Technologies was chosen by General Electric Company to install a pilot program called "The Industrial Athlete Center" where injuries and over-use syndromes were treated by ABT staff in clinics provided within the appliance division factories. The program brought this GE facility from the highest Workers Comp rating to the second lowest while saving GE over $20 million in a three year period.

Who We Are

Advanced Biomedical Technologies is the only distributor of the Electro-Acuscope, Electro-Myopulse models that has a 6,000 square foot center that offers treatment, training, research and instrument sales and support. Other distributors of these modalities are only dot com companies with no physical space or financial commitment... (and no real commitment to you!) GE didn't go to a company; they chose ABT based on our proven results gained through thousands of treatments and years of experience providing service to patients.

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Advanced Biomedical Technologies manufactures and distributes the most advanced impedance controlled micro-current instruments in the world.

We Are International Distributors

ABT is the oldest distributor of the Electro-Acuscope and Electro-Myopulse

We have instruments that are exclusive to our distributorship which include the Electro-Myopulse 'F' and the Myopulse 'La Fleur Reparer.' These instruments are available only through our distributorship. The Electro-Myopulse 'F' was designed and utilized in the 'Radiation Fibrosis Study' done at Fermi Labs. The Myopulse 'La Fleur Reparer' is designed to address all issues of the skin and is the most sophisticated skin care instrument in the world.

We are the only distributors that have a physical office. We have a 6,000 square foot office complex, with 3,000 square feet dedicated as a patient care treatment center. Other distributors are on-line companies only. We have been in business for over 29 years we are the leaders in education, research, training and instrument sales. Our staff of trained professionals, including Mr. Edward Loeffler, developed our protocols over the years based on proven treatment results based on over 14,000 patients. We work with doctors and clinicians all over the United States, including those in Minnesota, most of which have an affiliation with the University of Minnesota.

When it comes to buying an instrument

Here's what you should be asking ...

checkmark - image Do they have an office?
checkmark - image Do they have inventory?
checkmark - image Do they stock the instruments and accessories?
checkmark - image Do they have physical space or are they a dot com business only?
checkmark - image Do they treat patients?
checkmark - image How many years experience do they have?
checkmark - image Do they have their own research facility?
checkmark - image Do they confer with doctors to develop protocols for treatment?

Then ask yourself this final question...

As a buyer do you really feel comfortable being trained in a hotel room?

We know how to stimulate a body's healing

Only in America do we approach disease and dysfunction with drugs, surgery and radiation. Everywhere else in the world energy and nutrition are the first line approach to healthcare.

"After all my years of thought and study, I have come to the final realization that all that exists is energy, and beyond that a Divine consciousness."

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